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Video of the Boys and Girls workshop

The video of the Boys and Girls workshop about “How to communicate health messages to adolescents: challenges and opportunities” held at the European Parliament on June 5, 2012 is online!


Caroline Bollars - Programme manager at World Health Organization, Regional Office for Europe

Jacqueline Harding - Director and executive producer at Tomorrow’s Child

Karin Luks - Director of prevention project at Sucht Schweiz

Marco Pancini – Senior Policy Counsel at Google

Melina Violari – Policy & Privacy manager at Facebook

Robert Cope – Online content manager at British Heart Foundation

Erwin Fisser – Campaign leader at SOA AIDS Netherland

Luigi Petito – Communication manager for Boys and Girls project

Peer Van Der Kreeft – Lecturer prevention at University College Ghent

Moderator: Alessandro Torello – Journalist at Dow Jones/The Wall Street Journal